Recently, I was trying to build a website for myself using GitHub Pages. I didn’t want anything too fancy, just something where I can put up my resume and pages about my personal projects. Since it wasn’t going to be very large (10–20 pages), I decided to use Jekyll as…

How to set-up snippets for Ruby (or any language) in Visual Studio Code

My Snippet for a new class when working in OO ruby

Recently while learning Object-Oriented ruby, I have learned that some pieces of code get written continuously over and over each time the developer wants to define a new class. When defining relationships in OO-Ruby, some instance and class definitions start to become tedious when writing a dozen new classes in a day.

Many of you now might be saying ‘Chris, vs code has ruby extensions that add these amazing snippets that add.…’ When you make your own their more useful… trust me

Thankfully, vs code has some features built-in that relieves the headaches of writing these same pieces of code over and over. We can take these pieces, or snippets, of code and teach them to VSCode so that we never have to write them fully again.

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As a developer one has to be continually learning to keep up with trends and the constantly changing software development landscape. Learning how to be more productive is learning to get more done with the limited time you have. Recently, I’ve looked at my developer environment and tried to see…

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite development websites. These are websites and web-apps that I either have used on a regular basis or that I want to learn. …

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One mistake that I see often with junior developers is that they are constantly flying around their code with arrow keys, hitting indent on every line and lining up whitespace. This is one of the worst uses of time for a developer. …

Chris Demahy

Technology Enthusiast, Software Engineer, Git Issue Perfectionist.

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